Atlanta CV Membership FAQs

When and where are audition and rehearsal camps?
Our audition and rehearsal camps are held at area high schools.  They are generally two-day instructional camp, where new members are evaluated and the corps begins to set its lines for the season. Regular rehearsal camps are on weekends throughout the winter and spring, usually one or two weekends per month. The corps rehearses and performs more frequently in the summer months. Prospective members should expect almost every weekend from mid-June through Labor Day to have a required event. Camps are almost always scheduled from 9am-9pm Saturdays and 9am-5pm Sundays.
What do I wear for rehearsals?
Atlanta CV’s required rehearsal attire is BLACK from the waist down, and WHITE from the waist up. On Sundays of all camp weekends, the required uniform shirt is your CV Membership t-shirt with your name displayed on front. We treat our final rehearsal block of the weekend as a performance, and expect everyone to be in uniform, matching and representing the corps at its best!
What is the rehearsal and performance schedule like?
DCA is primarily a “weekends-only” activity.  A complete season requires about 20-25 weekends of your time, and 100% attendance is the expectation.  On rehearsal weekends, we generally practice from 9am – 9pm on Saturdays, and 9am – 5pm on Sundays, with lunch and dinner breaks included.  Rehearsal weekends are scheduled about every 2-3 weeks during winter and spring, and become more frequent in the summer months. From mid-June until Labor Day weekend almost every weekend is filled with rehearsal, travel and or competitions. Some of our competition trips require we leave on Thursday night for travel. DCA Championship Weekend is Labor Day weekend, and requires we leave on Wednesday night and return on Labor Day Monday. It’s a serious time commitment, but it is worth it for the performance opportunities of a lifetime!
What if I have a school conflict during camps or summer performances?
Members are expected to attend all required rehearsal camps for their section. In the event of a conflict, members are expected to make an effort to attend at least part of the camp when possible. We realize school-related performances and academically required events are priorities; however, absence from all or part of a camp must be approved by the director and your caption head no later than one week prior to camp.
Do you accept woodwind players?
Yes! Every year, multiple woodwind players make it into the brass, percussion, guard or conducting sections. This mostly requires a dedication on the member’s part to practicing the secondary instrument or skills required, but it has been done and you can do it too. While we will help foster your development on these instruments, we do not provide private lessons or specific classes for woodwind players – they are expected to meet the same performance expectations as other members of the corps.
How much does it cost to participate in Atlanta CV ?
Operating a DCA Top 5 corps is rather expensive. But when you consider the value of the quality education, equipment, facilities and more that the corps provides – it’s an incredible value. (And a fraction of the cost of other summer educational programs.) All members are asked to pay registration fees, tuition, a few other fees for uniforms, etc. and to earn (or pay for) required fundraising credits.
What do the fees and tuition associated with membership cover?
  • registration costs including Membership packets, application processing, and online member account setup.  This fee is non-refundable.
  • housing, instruction, some meals, music/drill, instruments, equipment, and uniforms for camps and performances
  • member keepsakes (e.g., member shirts, your CV stars, etc.)
  • bus travel to and from summer competitions
What are some miscellaneous costs assumed by members that I might incur?
  • travel to/from camps
  • some uniform components (shoes, show gloves, undergarments, etc.)
  • personal meals on rehearsal weekends and some on performance weekends
  • special needs as prescribed by the caption heads (e.g., mouthpiece, gloves, sticks/mallets, rehearsal flags/weapons, etc.)
  • personal items (e.g., sleeping bag, air mattress, etc.)
  • rehearsal clothing
  • souvenirs
  • personal water jug (required of all members)
  • hotel accomodations in Rochester, NY during DCA Finals Weekend (REQUIRED of all members)
When are payments due and what payment options are available?
All fees required to be paid by certain deadlines during the winter season and on those dates are due at or before you arrive for camp. We accept credit card transactions through our website or cash/checks through the mail or at camps. Members may elect to pay their tuition in one of two ways: 1) Full Payment – pay the total tuition amount by a specified date and receive a discount; 2) Payment Plan – pay equal amounts on a regular schedule to be completed before the tuition deadline.
Do you offer scholarships?
There are a limited number of scholarships to help members offset their tuition. Scholarships are awarded by the Board of Directors and multiple factors are considered in awarding them – including attendance, need, personal fundraising efforts and other factors. We do advise you not count on these funds to help cover regular tuition payments.
Are there ways to reduce my tuition?
Yes, we understand that drum corps is an expensive activity; therefore, there are opportunities to reduce costs. Returning members receive a veteran discount and all members can receive a discount for paying tuition in full early. Atlanta CV also offers a comprehensive fundraising program that allows you to earn multiple “credits” that can reduce your tuition. In some cases, members have been able to reduce their tuition to ZERO!
What is the audition process like?
Atlanta CV welcomes all interested potential members to participate in our Membership Weekend. You will be rehearsing and performing with the corps throughout the weekend, learning basic marching techniques and musical and/or colorguard skills. You will be asked to perform individually for staff members and be evaluated while performing within a larger group. The majority of your time at audition camp will be spent in a large-group setting. The brass and percussion sections will learn a few exercises and musical selections, and the guard will learn a short routine. In the individual portions, you will be asked to perform some or all of the audition material and answer a few questions about yourself. You will also be asked of any conflicts you may have with the rehearsal schedule or financial obligations. At the end of the weekend, as well as throughout the audition, you will be given feedback about your performance.
How are housing and meals accommodated at camps?
Members can elect to stay overnight with the corps at the rehearsal site. Atlanta CV rehearses at are high schools and members sleep on the floor of the gym or other rehearsal area (i.e., the cafeteria or band room). Members will also use the shower facilities at the school; thus, it is important to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and shower gear for the weekend. At most camps, members are dismissed for meal breaks and the costs of meals are the member’s responsibility. In certain circumstance, the corps provides occasional meals for the entire corps at no addition charge.
What do I need to bring to weekend camps?
  • Your equipment:  brass instrument (if desired), mouthpiece, drums/sticks/mallets, or flags/rifles/sabres along with your audition packet
  • Money to pay any remaining fees, as well as for your personal meals
  • Your personal/school/work calendar or a list of any potential camp conflicts
  • Two sets of comfortable, exercise-friendly clothes and athletic shoes for rehearsal. Remember, WHITE from the waist up and BLACK from the waist down is our required rehearsal attire
  • White cotton gloves for brass players
  • Sleeping and shower gear for the weekend (you will be sleeping on a gym floor)