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Atlanta CV is an incredible experience for people of all ages.  It is a corps built on self-discipline, hard work, dedication, teamwork, performance, entertainment, learning, growing, and pushing yourself to new limits. Whether you’ve been part of a drum corps before or you are new to the activity, we want Atlanta CV to become your drum corps home, like we are for hundreds of our alumni.

Complete the following steps below to begin your audition with Atlanta CV:

  1. Fill out our 2024 Member Interest Form (below).
  2. Join our 2024 BandApp Interest Group to keep up to date on audition information.
  3. Pay your Registration Fee in our store.
  4. Register yourself on CorpsData.
  5. COMING SOON: Download your section’s packet and get ready for a great audition with CV!

If you need more information about the registration process, please email us at

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