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Code of Conduct

Atlanta CV, CorpsVets, Inc., (CV) is a Georgia Non-Profit dedicated to providing opportunities in the outdoor performing marching arts medium to domestic and international citizens of all ages. Atlanta CV’s mission is to develop and refine the performance and personal skills of its members through a positive, challenging, marching arts program emphasizing character, work ethic, and teamwork, in the pursuit of performance excellence. To achieve and excel at providing these experiences, CV believes that our entire organization including members, staff, and volunteers must adhere to the same policies, rules, and guidelines. Accordingly, CV has developed the following code of conduct in furtherance of its mission to provide high quality educational experiences and must be adhered to during an individual’s involvement with Atlanta CV.

ALCOHOL: Alcohol is not permitted, or to be used by members, at rehearsals, camps, and on any road trips regardless of the member’s age. Staff and volunteers are prohibited from alcohol use or being under the influence of alcohol during any rehearsal, on corps sanctioned road trips, or before or after any performance.

ABUSE & THREATS OF HARM: Verbal or physical abuse between members, staff, or volunteers will not be tolerated. Staff, members, and volunteers will not engage in conduct that threatens, endangers, or causes actual physical or mental injury to another. Staff, members, and volunteers will not engage in behavior that poses immediate danger to the life, health, welfare, safety or property of CV, its members, staff, and volunteers.

BULLYING AND CYBERBULLYING: No person shall engage in bullying or cyberbullying. Bullying or cyberbullying is any gesture or written, electronic, or verbal communication, or any physical act, that: (1) Places an individual in actual and reasonable fear of harm to their person or damage to their property; or (2) Creates or is certain to create a hostile environment by substantially interfering with or impairing an individual’s participation in Atlanta CV. For purposes of this provision, “hostile environment” means that the alleged victim subjectively views the conduct as bullying behavior and the conduct is objectively severe and/or pervasive enough that a reasonable person would agree that the action is bullying. 

ILLICIT SUBSTANCES: CV is a 100% drug-free environment and experience, including the use and/or possession of marijuana. Drugs are not to be used and no member, volunteer, or staff member should be under the influence of illicit drugs at rehearsals, camps, functions, on tour, or at any time during your participation in CV, regardless of the age of the performer, staff member, or volunteer and/or the legal status of the drug in a particular location. Failure to abide by this policy will result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from CV.

FRATERNIZATION: Atlanta CV prohibits any inappropriate interaction between participants and staff, contractors, volunteers, or board members at all times and under all circumstances, as well as the appearance of inappropriate interactions. Inappropriate actions include, but are not limited to, sexual activity of any nature even if the activity is consensual, inappropriate physical contact, sexually suggestive language or actions, sexual innuendo, sending inappropriate pictures, sexting, or inappropriate messages on any social media platforms including texting and direct messaging. Any inappropriate behavior or act between staff and participants, should be reported to the administration immediately. 

HARASSMENT: Atlanta CV is dedicated to the creation and maintenance of a safe environment, free of all forms of harassment, where all participants feel welcome. Atlanta CV prohibits bullying, hazing, harassment, sexual harassment, non-consensual sexual acts and/or contact (sexual assault), sexual exploitation, and stalking. It is understood that language, actions, and sexual advances that are not welcomed are inappropriate and unacceptable. 

HAZING: Hazing in any form is against the law in many states and is strictly prohibited by Atlanta CV. When this policy is violated, action may be taken against all participants. Hazing is defined as any action taken, or situation created intentionally, to produce mental or physical discomfort outside the parameters of the activity itself, or to create embarrassment, harassment or ridicule. Any mental or physical requirement, request or obligation placed upon any person that could cause pain, disgrace or injury, or is personally degrading or violates any federal, state, local statute or organization policy is also considered hazing and is prohibited. The express or implied consent of the victim will not be a defense to hazing. Anyone experiencing or witnessing a violation of the hazing policy must report the incident to a member of the Administration. All reported incidents of hazing will be handled promptly. You have the responsibility as a participant, volunteer, or staff member to report all suspected violations of this policy.

LANGUAGE: Language can be dangerous and offensive even when harm is not intended. The use of crude humor, or jokes, meant to disparage another person’s race, ethnicity, gender identity, religious or political affiliation, is strictly prohibited. Using profanity as a means of addressing another individual is also prohibited.  

PROFESSIONALISM: Atlanta CV believes in treating one another, and others, with courtesy and respect. Any interaction with admin, staff members, fellow members, and volunteers, shall be subject to conducting oneself with responsibility, integrity, accountability, and excellence. 

OVERNIGHT HOUSING: When possible, should the housing site permit overnight housing, if in a single room, the sleeping area will be broken up into four distinct areas. In quadrant 1, females 18 and under; quadrant 2, females 19 and older; quadrant 3, males 18 and under; and quadrant 4, males 19 and older. Please note that those identifying as a gender opposite than that assigned at birth will be taken into consideration for appropriate sleeping areas. If overnight housing provides multiple areas, males will be in one area, females in another – divided by age range: 18 and under, and 19 and older. Under no circumstances, are members permitted to sleep in the same bed with another member.

PROHIBITED RELATIONSHIPS: To ensure the integrity of CV’s educational and performance driven environment; CV strictly prohibits consensual romantic or sexual relationships and sexual activity of any nature between:

  1. CV staff and members;
  2. CV staff and volunteers;
  3. Volunteers and members. 
  4. Sexual contact of any nature with a member under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited regardless of any applicable law or circumstances.

SMOKING: is not allowed during your participation in Atlanta CV. The policy is that no member, staff, or volunteer can smoke on any school grounds, at facilities, on buses, around vehicles, in uniform, or during meetings. You are not allowed to smoke during rehearsals or on your breaks during the length of the rehearsals.

STEALING/THEFT: Atlanta CV will consider theft a severe offense and individuals will be dealt with according to local laws. Examples are, but not limited to, taking other people’s shoes, uniform parts, clothing, wallets, school property, etc.  

SHOWERING: There will be times when members may have the option of using shower facilities at the host location to take showers. This includes at the end of rehearsal days for those that participate in overnight housing, or during a break period prior to a performance. As an all-age drum and bugle corps, there must be a breakdown of shower times based on age. These schedules will be posted on site. No member of staff will be permitted to shower at the same time as members, especially members under the age of 21. Any member, staff or volunteer that lives within a 90-minute round-trip between their home and the host/performance facility is encouraged to shower and prepare at home.

WEAPONS: Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited while present at official Atlanta CV functions. The state gun carry laws DO NOT permit weapons within ANY school zones. This offense is governed by O.C.G.A. § 16-11-127.1. Under Georgia law, all individuals (not just students) are forbidden from bringing weapons into school zones.

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