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Drum corps is an incredible experience for people of all ages.  It’s an activity that is built on self-discipline, hard-work, dedication, teamwork, performance, entertainment, learning, growing and pushing yourself to new limits you may have never thought possible.  Whether you’ve been a member of a drum corps before, or you are new to the activity and looking for a corps to start your career and hopefully propel you to new heights – we want Atlanta CV to become your drum corps family, like we have for hundreds of others during the history of Atlanta CV.

So what does it take to be a marching member of Atlanta CV? 

Here’s a personal checklist.  Ask yourself if YOU have:

How serious are you? If you believe in yourself you can accomplish anything. Being a member of Atlanta CV takes a strong level of desire and dedication. This is not for those who do things half-way. We believe in the “actions speak louder than words” philosophy. Be prepared to demonstrate your high level of motivation on a regular basis.
Hundreds of hours of scheduled rehearsal time are needed to make a drum corps show its best. Weekend-only corps like Atlanta CV also requires a serious personal time commitment at home to practice, study and improve. Our season runs through Labor Day weekend, so it’s important that we know you can be in attendance for all rehearsals and performances.
Travel, instruction, facilities, uniforms and equipment – these costs are primarily funded by the members themselves through tuition payments and fundraising activities. Participating in Atlanta CV requires that you pay all fees and meet all financial obligations in a timely manner. Members are required to sign contracts guaranteeing that they will fulfill all of their responsibilities.
We believe attitude is everything. Facing and overcoming stressful and difficult conditions is an important lesson in life, and it’s a key component of drum corps. A serious and positive attitude is what is necessary to make yourself, and Atlanta CV the best. We expect nothing but serious, focused, motivated and committed people to bring their best qualities to our corps.
Long rehearsal days, travel and performances in the summer heat can be extremely physically demanding – much more than most band programs. Are you prepared to put in the effort to be in top physical condition to help Atlanta CV reach new levels of excellence? The physical demands of today’s drum corps will challenge you beyond your imagination. We expect our members to be accountable for regular physical conditioning both at rehearsals and at home on your own throughout the year.
Drum corps are mostly comprised of the people who are or were the leaders in their other band and music programs. We’re looking for those with the talent to take on extremely challenging musical and visual programs that compete with the top organizations in our activity. We will teach you new skills and techniques and you will become a better performer on all levels, but you must start with a solid foundation if you want to consider yourself one of the best.