CV Jazz FAQs

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Who can audition and participate in CV Jazz?
Any student currently enrolled in high school.
What instruments will be in the CV Jazz ensemble?
CV Jazz will feature a typical “big band” style instrumentation.  Alto, tenor and baritone saxes, trumpets, trombones and bass trombone, guitar, piano, bass guitar and drums will make up the group.
When and where are the auditions?
The first scheduled audition date is Wednesday February 26, 2014, 5p-8pm at Wheeler High School in Marietta, GA.
What do I need to prepare for at the auditions?
There are audition materials to prepare that are available for download in the CV Store section of   Prospective members should also come prepared to sight-read.
How much will this cost? 
There is a $25 Registration Fee that must be paid in advance or at the time of the auditions.  Those who become members will have that fee applied toward their total tuition.  At this time we expect the total tuition for members to be $125.  There may be some additional costs required for uniforms, travel, etc.
How do I apply to audition?
Send an e-mail to  Introduce yourself, tell us what instrument you plan to audition on, and a little about your musical background and experience.  Also let us know why you would like to become of a member of CV Jazz