Atlanta CV Statement, January 10, 2022

The Atlanta CV Drum and Bugle Corps has a continued mission of education, excellence, and entertainment. The Corps strives to provide positive experiences and takes seriously the safety and security of our members, staff, and volunteers. 

With heightened attention on the safety of our members, we would like to highlight our actions to prevent, mitigate, and properly handle misconduct situations in the future: 

  • Establish a board-level committee on Member Advocacy and Experience. This committee will review existing policies and information and make recommendations to improve member experience and safety;
  • Implement an anonymous whistleblower reporting system and internal processes for investigation related to noncompliance with Atlanta CV values, codes of conduct, or values, further committing to fostering a positive and safe learning, performing and working environment for everyone involved;
  • Require all staff members and administrative personnel to complete training* on the following subjects within one (1) week of onboarding in their position with the organization:
    • Sexual misconduct awareness and education
    • Mandatory reporting
    • Physical and emotional misconduct;
  • Continue requirements for all staff members and administrative personnel to submit background checks;
  • Communicate policies regarding the prevention of harassment and sexual misconduct outlined in the Code of Conduct to all staff members, marching members, volunteers, and administrative personnel at the beginning of each season;

Additional details regarding our Whistleblower Policy can be found here

Member experience and safety are the highest priority at Atlanta CV. The Board of Directors and Corps leadership are fully committed to building trust in our organization regarding these matters. 


*The Corps will utilize SafeSport training to accomplish this goal for the 2022 season.