Atlanta CV’s 2019 production Of Gods and Goddesses certainly didn’t disappoint our fans, families, members and staff. Taking home the Michael H. Petrone Memorial Award for 2nd place in Open Class competition at the Drum Corps Associates World Championship in Williamsport, Pennsylvania with a score of 96.150. For the second time in three years, the Atlanta CV Color Guard won the Hardy Olderman Memorial Award for the best color guard in DCA with an astonishing score of 193.5.

Of Gods and Goddesses was based around four of the ancient Greek gods and goddesses. Movement 1 titled Poseidon featured “Moving Mountains” by Thomas J. Bergerson and “The Winds of Poseidon” by Robert W. Smith. Movement 2 titled Ares used the music “MARS: The Bringer of War” by Gustav Holst. Movement 3, Aphrodite was based on “Aphrodite Part II” from William Chase, and Movement 4, Zeus highlighted by the song “Ignition” by Todd Stalter.

Our thanks to our incredible design team of Alan Armstrong, Chad Reynolds, Rodney Bailey, Steven Watson, Chris Romanowski, and Bobby Crosby. We also want to thank our amazing arrangers, Jair Klarfeld (brass), Matt Manturuk (front ensemble) and Chris Romanowski (battery). Special thank you to Jeff Sacktig, our drill designer.

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