2017 Atlanta CV Wrap-up

2nd Place 96.63
DCA High Color Guard Award
DCA Director of the Year: Dr. David W. Stollberg

Record high placement for CV.
Record high score for CV.
12 time DCA South Open Class Champions [even though the regional circuit is no longer official]
16th consecutive year DCA Finalist
1st place I&E Chorus! [12 time champions!]
1st place I&E Front Ensemble!

Here are the specific awards recognized at the corps banquet while in Rochester:
Outstanding Hornline Member: Michael Nedvidek
Hornline Rookie of the Year: high brass: Steven Casado, low brass:Andrew McDaniel Berry
Hornline Most Improved: Sarah Swinton
Outstanding Percussion Member: Riley Hodges
Percussion Rookie of the Year: Front Ensemble: Morissa Wisdom, Battery: Thomas Norris
Outstanding Color Guard Member: Tita Anderson Lovell
Color Guard Rookie of the Year: Alex Jacobs and Dani Knox
Outstanding Visual Performer: Nicole Woodard
Visual Performer Rookie of the Year: John Willis
Tom Colgan Volunteer Award: Alex Angelo, Michael Hicks, Lisa Beck and Dexter Beck
Director’s Award: Layne Meier
Member of the Year: Rob Scott

New Gold Star Members (5 years of full-time service to CV):
Bobby Crosby
Rayford Levy
Tristan Detweiler
Devyn Otts
Deanna Moore
Caitlin E Lise
Ozzie Wolters

10 Year Members: 
Dena Watson Anderson
Alan Armstrong
Victor Mooney
Kira LaRue Sink
James Wolters

20 Year Members:
Marvin H Fontaine Jr
RJ Scott (Rob)
David Stollberg