Jeff Sacktig joins Atlanta CV Design Team

Atlanta CV is excited to announce the return of many of the design staff who have been responsible for the corps’ exciting rise in competitive status in the last few years along with one exciting addition.

Show and Instructional Coordinator Alan Armstrong will return alongside all four caption heads from 2016.  Victor Mooney returns in his role helping with the conceptual design for the corps program and as Guard Caption Head.  Chris Romanowski returns as both the Percussion Caption Head and Battery Arranger.  Steven Watson will reprise his role as the Brass Caption Head and Chad Reynolds returns to oversee the Visual Caption and assist with show coordination.

Designers Romanowski and Mooney are joined by Matthew Manturuk returning for his sixth season as the front ensemble arranger and Jair Klarfeld returning for his fifth season as the brass arranger.

It is with great excitement the corps announces the addition of DCI Hall of Fame member Jeff Sacktig as the corps’ visual designer.  Jeff is widely recognized as one of the legendary designers in the entire drum corps activity.  His long tenure with the Cadets organization has resulted in multiple world championships in both the DCI And DCA activity.

Armstrong commented “Our design team has done outstanding work in recent years giving the members innovative and high quality programs.  Their work has allowed the corps to grow into the competitive status it has enjoyed the last few seasons.  Bringing Jeff on board only serves to raise the quality of that design team and I am incredibly excited about what he will do to help us raise the quality of the program we can provide for our membership in the coming season”.

Executive Director David Stollberg added “We are super proud to add Jeff to the design team.  His experience and reputation speaks for itself.  A tremendous designer and leader in the marching arts!”

Atlanta CV’s membership audition weekend for their 20th season is set for December 10 and 11th.  Stay tuned for more details coming soon at the corps website